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Två personer pratar om skisser under en design sprint.

We help shape your idea or opportunity, and test it with real users the same week.

Our Design Sprint is our fastest starting point to help early stage startups, it's a one-week process that will help you navigate these critical decisions by providing you with tangible insights and feedback from your customer, so you can invest in the best ideas or new innovative opportunities.

Why when it comes to UX the best time to invest was yesterday

The hallways of human invention are studded with stellar success stories - products so impressive they’ve garnered a cult following amongst users - but take a left at ‘walking sleeping bags’; or a right at ‘fish training kits’ and you could end up amongst ‘motorised ice-cream cones’ (yes, all of these ‘wonders’ actually exist).

Empowering millions of kiwis to manage their health

Manage My Health is New Zealand-based company on a journey to redefine the health industry, empowering patients to monitor, maintain and improve health conditions for a longer healthier life.