It's all about people


What makes us unique is our philosophy of finding simple solutions to real problems and having fun together while crafting experiences that make a difference. We have over ten years of experience from the Scandinavian market and two years of experience from the New Zealand market in delivering both small and large-scale web projects.

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Our core values

Everything is possible

Many would call you insane if you told them you wanted to start an office on the other side of the world. We have done so successfully and based it on a co-workers idea to realise a dream. We want everyone working with us to feel that everything is possible, no matter if its about stepping out of your comfort zone or exploring new ideas.

We’re better together

It does not matter what title you have, we believe in building success together, everyone from interns to the CEO. We all have a say, and we are always there for each other, at work and off-site.

Success is having fun at work

The health and well-being of our teams are the foundation of our success.

We're here to challenge how things are done

Our creative labs
We encourage our team to push boundaries and solve problems using new and exciting technology and methods.

Take a look at some of our lab creations that are stirring up a buzz at the moment.

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Auckland Office

Looking over Westhaven, the largest marina in the southern hemisphere, our New Zealand office was founded in 2014. Here we enjoy the company of our partner agency Chemistry as well as two resident string-rays called Mac & Donald. With our local watering hole Swashies serving fresh fish bites and with great eateries and cafes within walking distance, can you blame us for being foodies?

Stockholm office

In the midst of Scandinavia’s fastest growing tech-market, our Stockholm studio in Sweden was established 2009. The Capital of Scandinavia has everything to offer from a vibrant food scene, world-class cultural events to outdoor experiences in the surrounding archipelago.

Sundsvall office

We’re it all began over 12 years ago. Sundsvall, The jewel in the north. Filled with a rich heritage from forestry and logging industry during the 1700 century. In modern time a booming in IT and home to some of Swedens most innovative and successful companies. Breathe the fresh air in the High Coast and experience a Christmas with snow. Definitely something exotic for Kiwis.