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Knowledge and inspiration

Discover new trends and immerse yourself in topics in digitisation, product development, UX and design. Here we share knowledge, tips and inspiration.

User research increased conversion by 20% for Toca Boca

Toca Boca is a Swedish app developer that creates digital toys for children. In order to increase conversions, they turned to user research to understand their audience better. The insights gained from the research led to a 20% increase in conversions.

Expert Interview — Nicola Reade, Boxer

Boxer, Fireside Consulting & Osynlig worked together to imagine and validate the future state of the Boxer customer experience. The program of work included 3 months of a dedicated Product Design Squad + User testing recruitment. The Boxer team has since the engagement been able to grow its design maturity with an internal design team to manage product delivery.

AI — The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

After sinking a generous amount of time into our AI “research” over our first week back, and experimenting with the new tools in our projects, our findings were absolutely staggering — to say the least.

New chairman takes place on Osynlig's board

Product agency Osynlig scales up and recruits Ashley Tott (founder of ScaleX Growth Partners ) as new chairman of the board in Europe.

Why when it comes to UX the best time to invest was yesterday

The hallways of human invention are studded with stellar success stories - products so impressive they’ve garnered a cult following amongst users - but take a left at ‘walking sleeping bags’; or a right at ‘fish training kits’ and you could end up amongst ‘motorised ice-cream cones’ (yes, all of these ‘wonders’ actually exist).

Is your design YOU-centred, or USER-centred?

Design is meant to be about the customer; the consumer; the experiencer...yet all too often products and solutions are created from a viewpoint that is YOU-centred (your company, your way of seeing things, your ideas), rather than USER-centred.

Data is just wind unless it directs your product design sails

No one dreams of being on a vessel lost at sea tossed around by the tide and at the mercy of the wind for direction. Yet all too often we hear about those either “drowning” in user data, or even worse, trying to direct their product design team without a working compass (no data or metrics at all!).

UX designers, have you got your Batman belt ready?

Being a superhero is a tough gig, especially when you don’t have superpowers like so many of the others. No ability to fly; no invisibility and no shapeshifting. Not even super speed or super strength. No…Batman relies solely on his intellect - he's a great strategist - and of course one of the defining features of the Dark Knight’s costume is his utility belt.

The Value of UX Literacy

Some learnings from my first year as a UX Designer at Osynlig New Zealand.

En checklista
How to choose the right agency for your digital investment

Collaboration with your chosen agency is a prerequisite for a successful project. Here we share our tips on what you as a client can think about when choosing a new agency partner.

En pyramid som visar de olika stegen av UX-mognad.
Scale UX in the organisation

Some of the most successful companies all have one thing in common – they put the customer at the centre. How do you create the conditions for that in the organization? Jonas Englund is the Design Manager at Osynlig Stockholm and has extensive experience working with product management and strategic UX. Here he shares his best tips and experiences.

Illustrationer av en dator, telefon, ett moln, en kamera och en hand med tumme upp.

Competitors release new digital services, growth slows down and the marketing department tells us that customers think the brand is stale. You know you should gear up the digitisation. But how? Here are five tips:

The key to competitive digital services

The key to creating digital products and services your customers – and your business – love, is to work insight-driven. But what does that really mean and why is that? Doesn't doing user research just take time and cost money? Osynlig's Design Manager Jonas Englund clears up the question marks.

This is how you succeed with a remote Design Sprint

The Design sprint is a great method when you want to test a new idea, solve a challenge or kick off an innovation project. But what do we do now that we can no longer gather in front of a whiteboard full of post-its? Does a design sprint work remotely?

Två händer håller i varsin hjärtformad klubba. Klubborna rör vid varandra.
3 tips for award-winning onboarding

The first meeting with your new users is one you want to get right because you rarely get a second chance. Therefore, you must prioritize working with the onboarding of new users. In short, it's about giving them a good start so that they get started quickly and understand the value of using your digital product or service right from early on.

Ett mönster av förstoringsglas
Now UX is becoming even more important for SEO

Now a good user experience becomes even more important to rank high on Google. In May, "page experience", or page experience in Swedish, will be a new factor to take into account in SEO work.