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Competitors release new digital services, growth slows down and the marketing department tells us that customers think the brand is stale. You know you should gear up the digitisation. But how? Here are five tips:

  1. Why do you want to digitise?

    Digitisation is a broad concept. Not everything in your company can be digitised, nor should everything be. The aim of a digitization investment is often to generate new business, find new target groups or create added value for existing customers. It can also be about streamlining internal processes. Start by agreeing on WHAT you want to achieve and WHY. Set a clear goal picture and then produce a road map that shows the way to the goal.
  2. Base it on needs

    It is expensive to build something that is not used, or that no one understands. A common mistake that companies make is to go straight to solutions without having done the preparatory work. Invest enough time at the beginning of the project to understand who your customer is, what needs the customer has and how your solution will create value for your customers. Then you minimize the risk of wrong bets.
  3. Evolution, not revolution - take it one step at a time

    As I said, it is easy to get swept away in the greatness of the concept of digitization and digital transformation. Break it down into smaller pieces, start with one thing and then apply what you learned to more areas.
  4. Think like a scientist and dare to experiment

    View ideas and solutions as hypotheses and conduct experiments to validate them. Visualise your idea in a simple prototype and test it on real users. Then you go back, adjust and test again until you get it right. It is a learning process.
  5. Involve the business

    It is difficult to bring about a change if digitisation is managed by a small team in the conference room on the third floor. Involve the entire business and create an understanding of what you want to do and why. Constantly communicate interim results, run ongoing internal demos of what you are working on, and remember that change often arouses resistance at the beginning. Don't give up, and take it step by step!

Add a bonus tip: Get outside help and strengthen the organisation with the skills you lack. You will profit from that in the end.

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