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3 tips for award-winning onboarding

The first meeting with your new users is one you want to get right because you rarely get a second chance. Therefore, you must prioritize working with the onboarding of new users. In short, it's about giving them a good start so that they get started quickly and understand the value of using your digital product or service right from early on. So how do you do it? Yes, unfortunately, there is no ready-made template to download, you must always start from your unique customers' needs and your specific service. But we have some tips to help you along the way:

  1. Display the value directly

    How do you solve your customer's problem? What will they get out of using your product or service? Show it right away! It is best when the product meets the user's goals and driving forces as early as possible. Don't get the user stuck in long registration processes or a tour of features that aren't interesting.
  2. Create trust

    Build trust by being transparent at all times about what happens next. For example, by dividing a registration process into shorter steps or by using progress bars to show that a flow is progressing and that the user is making progress. Make the user feel safe about what is happening.
  3. The most important thing first

    Even if there are tons of great features you're proud of and want to show off, don't make the mistake of cramming it all in at once. It will be too much. Take what is most important to the user first and leave little things to discover as time goes on. Otherwise, the risk is that it will only become confusing.

How do I get started?

We usually recommend that you start by finding out where the thresholds are in your flow by interviewing your users, formulating hypotheses about solutions and then testing them on end users - until you find a way forward that works. The recipe for success is to start from your users and what is important to them.

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