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The new youniversity

When Frances Valentine and the team tapped our shoulders to embark on a mission to help them reinvent tertiary education in New Zealand, how could we say no? Having worked alongside each other on multiple initiatives over the last five years that have helped create impactful futures, we were excited to bring this new piece of their vision to life.

academyEX makes education exactly what you need it to be & for the real-world challenges that you want to solve. They do it differently so that you can make a sustainable, impactful change in the world. Forget the old school. Join the new youniversity.

  • Insight interviews
  • User research
  • User testing
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Prototyping
  • Digital design system
  • Ongoing support

The opportunity

As part of a grand 25-year vision to foster a culture of growth mindset in NZ, inspire you to never stop learning and providing alternative ways to access quality education through different stages of your life, academyEX was born. With this new brand, there was now a bigger opportunity than ever to communicate this bold vision.

How might we bring together this community of learners in one place where learning is done at your own pace, where you find inspiration and support to take a leap with confidence into our constantly changing world?

Our approach

Together with the wider team we then used our unique UX Sprints process over the next 10 weeks to continuously deliver quality outcomes for the project. We imagined, defined and designed each part of the new user journey, blending together operational flows, brand, UX and marketing messaging with user testing to help academyEX relaunch itself into the market with valuable, validated solutions for their customers.

Out modular 10 week process allowed academyEX to translate a new brand to their digital platforms as well as reimagine "the learner" user journey in just 10 weeks

The solution

A tight-knit & collaborative partnership

In close collaboration with the academyEX team and our partners Pixel Fusion, we reimagined the user experience for educational institutions, helping students find the right learning pathway for them, making enrolment as easy as a few clicks and bringing the people of this learning community closer together.

academyEX design system

To increase the ROI and allow academyEX to deliver faster with consistent quality across their digital platforms we used a foundational sprint to build the academyEX Design System. This is a branded, robust, & expansive library of digital building blocks that are designed to be easily modified, responsive, user-friendly and accessible, ensuring seamless use across web, mobile and learning management platforms.

Improved student enrolment

Reimagining the enrollment flow was crucial to meet the needs of new and returning students to academyEX continuously expanding learning catalogue. Through rigorous user testing, we were able to streamline the process, making it faster and more convenient for students to sign up and start learning. It allows for one-click account creation and easy payment options like Apple Pay, integrates with various data sources to ensure accurate and up-to-date information, and provides a smooth user experience that guides students through the enrolment process step by step. The new enrollment flow plays a critical role in increasing student conversion, engagement and satisfaction.

Finding the right learning pathway for you

The new design includes a simplified navigation and browsing experience with humanised categorisation and improved search and filter functionality. Learners can now easily explore the different learning options that suit their particular lifestyle and preferred way of learning. This redesign not only improves the user experience but also supports academyEX in presenting their courses, events and community stories in a new flexible and engaging way.

The results

  1. Increased ROI

    — thanks to a robust digital design system that allows for faster delivery and consistent quality across all digital platforms.
  2. Increased conversion

    — thanks to a streamlined enrolment flow with one click account creation and easy and flexible payment options.
  3. Faster speed to market

    — thanks to our agile design delivery methods allowed the marketing and development swim lanes to move from week one.
  4. Clear direction for the product team

    — thanks to user research that validated new opportunities to add value to the academyEX experience.

“academyEX is a 25-year dream that has finally come to fruition. It is a big nod to the education needs of the future and recognition of all that we have learnt from the past. It is for every professional who wanted to return to learning but couldn’t make study work around their work and personal life. With our new brand and digital platform we encourage people in their 30s, 40s, and 50+ to be as excited about learning as they were way back when they attended their favourite class.”

Frances Valentine
Founder & CEO The Mind Lab, Tech Futures Lab, Earth Futures Lab & academyEX.com

Read Frances' vison for academyEX on LinkedIn HERE

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