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Discover the wonders of the outdoors

United by a powerful belief in the ability of travel to create inspiring, life-changing moments Active Adventures (HQ in Queenstown, New Zealand) and Austin Adventures (HQ in Montana, USA) have come together to create a world of opportunities for global travellers.

We helped them to build a state-of-the-art white label design management system to enable their adventure travel booking platforms' centralised, robust and efficient product design. For either brand, the UI componentry is consistent & well documented for ease of development implementation.

  • User research
  • Data analysis
  • UX strategy
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Prototyping
  • User-testing
  • Roadmap
  • Development
  • Ongoing support

The opportunities

The new websites are essential business assets helping Active & Austin connect with new leads, generate cash sales and affirm their position as a leading global Adventure Tour Group.

Active & Austin has identified that the current Active website platform is a superior solution and would like Austin to utilise the same platform to help with operational efficiency as well as business growth.

What if we can create one shared platform from which several brands could operate together, reducing cost, and increasing efficiency and platform ROI?

The solutions

Using the Active (SilverStripe) platform as a foundation, we have created a Multi-site platform supporting both Austin and future brands with the same functionality, under one code base but with a unique theme per brand. We applied Austin’s brand to the theme and as part of the consolidation, we will also look at integrating Peak 15 into the platform.

The results

  1. Reduced maintenance cost

    — with one platform that shares the same resources and code base means focus can be on adding new business value by improving the platform.
  2. Increased efficiency

    — operationally when both brands are working in the same systems, with the same processes. This leads to reduced training and greater flexibility to work across brands.
  3. Better ROI

    — when future investments can be shared across the two brands. Eg. investing in Travel wallet, new payment methods or even another brand added to the portfolio can be done at a lower cost once the platform is completed.
Want to know more?

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