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New digital product finds the best broker

Prototype and visual identity for Bytboo

When you are selling a home, there is one thing that matters above all - the final price. Now you no longer have to search for the best broker yourself. The new Bytboo service does the work for you.

Invisible, Bytboo helped to concretize the idea of ​​a new digital product and quickly develop a prototype. We also set a visual identity for the new brand.

  • Prototype
  • User Journey
  • UX Design
  • Branding
Mobiler med vyer från Bytboos app

The founders of Bytboo have been through the startup journey before and know how important it is to quickly get out and test an idea on the market. When they approached us at Osynlig, they had validated their idea through a simple MVP and were ready to take the next step. The challenge was now to structure all thoughts, find the right way forward and concretize the vision in a prototype.

"The cooperation with Osynlig has been very valuable for us. The team from Osynlig impressively quickly captured what was important and structured our thoughts into an actual product. I especially appreciate that they questioned a lot and took what we had thought several steps forward. Having the support of a team that has the experience of having done this before and can bring new perspectives was really important to us. I'm also super happy with the delivery."
Herman Treschow, CEO Bytboo.

Fast process from startup to finished prototype

We started our collaboration by running a start-up workshop. At Osynlig, we have a start-up method that allows us to quickly structure a new project. In one afternoon, we together identified opportunities and challenges, mapped out the user journey and prioritized the next steps. For example, we found that we needed to build out the previous flow to create a good user experience for both sellers and brokers. In the design phase, we produced UX and UI design for the service. The delivery was a finished prototype.

Bytboos visuella identitet: logo, färger, ikoner och typografi

New visual identity

To create a uniform user experience and increase the credibility of the service, we also worked with the branding. We set a new visual identity with guidelines for fonts, colors, icons and interaction patterns and worked through tonality and copy. We also developed a logo that harmonizes with the new branding.

“I am impressed with how quickly and efficiently Osynlig worked. It only took a couple, three, weeks from the first meeting until we had a finished prototype and new design in place. That's exactly how it should work, you can't spend six months getting something out. Make the least possible input for the greatest output, and constantly test every change of the product against the market. That's when you see what works and understand what you need to work on."
Herman Treschow, CEO Bytboo

Bytboo was launched at the beginning of 2021. Try to compare and find brokers on Bytboo here

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