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Upskilling teachers in digital technologies

Equipping NZ's teachers for the digital age

In early 2018 we helped The Mind Lab by Unitec to bring to life an LMS for primary school teachers in New Zealand called “The Digital Passport” – to help decipher the new Digital Curriculum and prepare the NZ teacher force for the future of education in Aotearoa.

With the launch of the new digital curriculum, all primary teachers in New Zealand are required to upskill. It is a requirement of The Ministry of Education that all schools and kura upskill in digital technologies by 2020. As one of the largest providers of postgraduate programmes for teachers in New Zealand, The Mind Lab by Unitec saw the need for a fun, fast-phased, engaging video-based learning platform to help deliver the new digital curriculum.

  • Digital strategy
  • User research
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Prototyping
  • Development
  • Support

The solution

Through a very close collaboration with education experts and teachers, Osynlig created an e-learning platform to allow primary teachers to learn about everything in the new digital curriculum on any device. By following our user-centred process we helped The Mind Lab define, scope, prioritise, validate and refine a first MVP platform to be released within only 3 months from project start. Osynlig was responsible for the user experience, user interface design and development of the whole platform.

The results

Since launching in March 2018, over 10,000 New Zealand primary teachers have signed up for The Digital Passport with an average of 1,500 teachers logging in to complete training modules each month.

From the process

Following our user-centred design process, we invited teachers to help define needs to inform us in creating the best possible solution. This allowed us to user test and validate navigation, content, and layout to ensure they felt engaged, understood the learning module structure and found the LMS useful.

Through The Digital Passport teacher's complete different workshops that consists of video-based modules to watch and quizzes to complete to earn their certification. The platform was designed to provide a streamlined experience that would guide users through the training with minimum disturbance and a simple intuitive interactive video player enabled the teacher’s to see where they were in their learning journey while watching the current video.

After completing a workshop the teacher was provided with additional learning resources like downloadable classroom activities and 20 additional video-based learning modules that went deeper into subjects like Web Design, Robotics, 3D printing and Databases.

Start learning on your computer, finish the workshop on your phone

Teachers can log in to their account from any device and pick up right where they left off last time, this allowed for users to be very flexible with how to complete their certification and catered well to the need of being able to learn in your own phase, and on odd time slots in a normally very busy teacher schedule.

Knowledge checks that you'll learn from

Inside the training modules, teachers are quizzed on their newly learned skills. Depending on their answer, teachers would get specific and insightful responses from the quiz to retain their knowledge in the best possible way.

Learning summary and certification

Once teachers complete a workshop they get a personal certificate as well as a summary of what they have learnt. For the knowledge starving teacher the platform provides an overview of additional learning and other workshops available to them.

“Thanks to the process, facilitation and expertise by Osynlig, our team was able to go from an idea to launch a successful, bespoke digital product in only three months.”

Frances Valintine - Founder of The Mind Lab & Tech Futures Lab
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