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Helping students to pass the university matriculation exam

Design and prototype for Dogl

Paper, pen and calculator? Well, now there is a more fun way to study math. Start-up Dogl launches an innovative new digital product that helps students pass the university matriculation exam.

Dogl turned to us at Osynlig when they needed to strengthen the team with design expertise and get help in quickly developing a design prototype.

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Branding
  • User Journey
  • Prototype
Vyer från Dogls app

Diane Holcomb and Olof Sisask have taught mathematics at the university level for many years. The first advanced math course at college, Calculus, is a real challenge for many of the students. Approximately one in four, or in some years as much as one in two, students fail the exam. Traditional teaching aids, such as exercise books, paper and pencil, are still standard in teaching. At the same time, today's students are digital natives, used to being able to Google themselves for answers to most things.

This is where the idea for a digital study aid at university level was born, an app that makes it more fun to practice solving math problems and easier to structure your studies. Together with the developer Jesper Sisask, they made a breakthrough and founded Dogl. With the app, they want to help students spend the time practicing that is necessary to pass their studies. By clearly showing progress and making math study a more easy experience, the goal is to boost students' self-confidence and increase study motivation.

High demands on a good user experience

With a target group that places high demands on design and user experience, Dogl knew that maintaining high quality would be crucial. They were looking for an agency that was a professional in UX and UI and had experience working on similar projects. As Dogl is a start-up company, it was also important to have a partner who could quickly deliver something concrete.

  • Taking help from Osynlig, instead of trying to do everything ourselves, was very valuable. In addition to giving us access to really good designers and UX skills, it sped up our own timeline. It forced us to prioritize and pushed us forward, says Diane Holcomb, founder of Dogl.

Efficient design process to move forward quickly

We started our collaboration with a focused working meeting together. We mapped out the user journey, structured thoughts and ideas and prioritized what needed to be done. Then we worked in two rounds with the design work. Between the sprints, Dogl had time to make decisions on issues that we identified during the first round, mainly around brand and strategic direction.

  • We are not used to clients and therefore we appreciated that Osynlig has a clear work process that helped us prioritize what needed to be done. We had good communication throughout the project and transparency and dialogue around the work at all times, says Olof Sisask, founder of Dogl.

About Dogl

Dogl is a classmate who helps the student with his math studies. The user can constantly follow their progress and receive feedback on how things are going. In addition to daily challenges, the student can also run short intensive training sessions and challenge others in the class. More exciting features will be added over time.

During the winter of 2021, a small group of students tested the product and now the plan is to continue with a larger launch.
Read more and sign up for the waiting list at dogl.app

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