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How do we get more electricity contracts? Subscriptions

Improved onboarding for Tibber

A good onboarding is crucial to winning and keeping new customers. The electricity company Tibber had a challenge in getting new users to complete the registration for the service and sign an electricity subscription.

Osynlig was tasked with improving the onboarding flow in the app. The result: a more efficient onboarding of new users for more signed electricity contracts. In addition, we developed a design system that simplifies and saves time for Tibber internally.

  • User Research
  • User Journey
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • User Testing
  • Design System
Olika vyer från Tibber i mobiltelefoner

"The team from Osynlig quickly settled into our complex electricity market world and did an impressive job in a short time."
Daniel Lindén, founder and CPO Tibber

Tibber is a digital electricity company that makes it possible to buy green electricity at the currently lowest variable electricity price. Users also get full control of their power consumption at home and can use smart accessories to control large electricity consumers, such as electric car charging, in order to lower electricity costs. Tibber saw that many people who downloaded the app created an account without completing the registration. Osynlig was tasked with improving the onboarding of new users with the goal of getting more people to complete the flow and sign an electricity contract.

Friction in the right places for a safer and more efficient onboarding

The challenge in our work together with Tibber was to understand how we could simplify the onboarding flow without losing clarity and seriousness. We started by doing in-depth interviews with the users to understand where the thresholds were in the current flow. We then took the insights we gained further into the design phase. We tested our hypotheses on the users and iterated the solution until we found the right one and could produce a sharp design. The result is a more efficient and safer onboarding flow for new users.

Designsystem för Tibber

Design systems save time and simplify work

Osynlig was also entrusted with developing a design system for the digital platform. A design system contains guidelines for how components should be designed, it can be about everything from colors and typography to how a button or transition should look. A design system ensures a consistent branding and user experience – something that is important to stand out from the competition today. It also allows the team of designers and developers to work more efficiently and smarter.

"Osynlig's design system has simplified it for us internally. Now we have clear guidelines on how to work with components and views within the app to maintain a consistent user experience.”
Daniel Lindén, founder and CPO Tibber

Vyer från Tibber i app

More about Tibber

Tibber is a digital electricity company that gives the consumer the power to buy green electricity directly from the producer. In addition to full control of electricity consumption in the home, Tibber also offers smart solutions to lower electricity costs, for example charging electric cars. With the goal of digitizing and transforming the electricity market, the company has grown rapidly and is now present not only in the Nordic countries but also in Germany.
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The importance of a good onboarding

Making a good first impression is critical to winning and keeping new customers. If your customers do not understand your product or service, do not see the benefit of it or get lost in an unclear registration process, there is a high risk that they will give up and never return. Therefore, it is important to invest in the introduction, the onboarding, of new users and remove obstacles in the first steps of the user journey. Get in touch if you want to know more, or get help improving the onboarding for your digital product or service!