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An engaging & fun online learning experience for kids

Digital education for the next generation

The Mind Lab is an acclaimed New Zealand start-up that is disrupting the education sector with its hands-on, collaborative approach to learning. Every year over 40,000 children in New Zealand complete one of their popular School holiday programmes, learning how to solve problems and challenges together while being exposed to technology that encourages creativity. The Mind Lab realised that there was an opportunity to engage with children even outside the Mind Lab walls if they could bring some of that experience online. Osynlig was chosen as the digital partner to create an engaging, fun online learning experience for children between 5-12 years old.

We wanted the platform to be easy for children to use and explore, so the kid-friendly UI uses icons and tips that any young mind can easily understand. We created features that would encourage learning, engagement, collaboration and a safe, fun way to communicate and give feedback. Kids can browse and filter video-based challenges within categories like science, programming, art and electronic engineering. Kids can easily create an account and start uploading responses to challenges by recording their attempt and learnings on their phone, tablet or computer, and upload this video to their profile to show what they’ve created (and keep track of their accomplishments)! Mind Lab Kids is constantly being improved and Osynlig is involved in prioritising and creating new features and improving the user experience.

  • Digital Strategy
  • User research
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Prototyping
  • Development
  • Support

Involving kids every step of the way

Following our user-centered design process, we kept kids involved in the design process and this allowed us to validate navigation, content, and layout to ensure children felt engaged, wanted to explore the site and that it was easy for them to use.

The live observation tests helped us refine the solution before we built the most prioritised features for the first release of the product.

That's cool! – Creating custom emojis that fit the target audience

By creating different types of reactions, we allow children to get feedback and express themselves in a safe and positive way.

Exciting video-based challenges

On the platform, kids can watch videos, take on challenges and upload their own responses to show the world what they've created! Challenges can be filtered by topics or by different tech educators like Professor D or Opsee Daisy.

Engaging fun content every day of the week!

On the homepage, kids get access to a vast variety of fun, interesting content provided by the Mind Lab Kids team, new challenges and even featured responses from other kids.

“Osynlig brought to life our vision of a secure, fun, collaborative online space for kids to explore not only technology but also their own creativity and potential. With their user-centered approach, Mind Lab Kids really feels designed for kids, by kids.”

Frances Valintine, Founder The Mind Lab
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