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Making the memorable unforgettable

STH Japan provides premium hospitality and spectator tours at some of the world's largest sporting events. They work with carefully selected partners to ensure that sports fans and corporate clients experience the best hospitality and spectator tours at sporting events that attract spectators around the world.

Over the last four years, Osynlig has worked closely with STH’s teams in New Zealand, Australia and Japan to help design and build a range of digital business tools as part of a digital transformation initiative to provide a better service to their global customers.

  • User Research
  • Data Analysis
  • UX Strategy
  • White Label Design System
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Prototyping
  • User Testing
  • Roadmap
  • Development
  • Ongoing Support

The opportunity

STH Group had a number of projects in the pipeline for us to help out with. First off the rank was to help them launch eCommerce into two key markets, Australia and Japan.

As the MVPs were launched we quickly identified the need for a quick ability to launch new White Labelled brands for large events such as Australian Open and The Rugby World Cup. A large-scale project to transform the platform to support multiple brands from one code base, with the ability to go to market with a new eCommerce within weeks was initiated.

The solution

We set out to create a modern, streamlined platform that would make it significantly easier for users to plan and book sports travel packages. We started by conducting user research and testing, analyzing user behaviour and pain points, and identifying opportunities for delivering a flexible experience for booking tickets to premium sports events worldwide.

As part of our long-term partnership with STH, we worked closely to design and develop a new modular platform that would allow STH to launch new features once and deploy once across their multiple brands, reducing time to market and increasing the ROI in the platform.

We created intuitive, user-friendly interfaces for each step of the booking process, implemented a responsive design to ensure that the platform would look and function seamlessly on any device, and incorporated features that allow STH to customise payment methods and packages on the fly.

The agile approach has also seen Osynlig and STH successfully launch automated support systems on top of the platform to enable a better customer experience when fulfilling events to their customers.

Delivering new brands in new markets within weeks

We developed a white-label design system for the e-commerce platform, enabling STH to customize the platform's look and feel while maintaining a consistent user experience. The design system served as an important step to secure global contracts with events that required the ability to customize the platform to align with their brand.

To create the design system, we collaborated with the development team to create a flexible, modular system that would allow us to quickly customize everything from colour palettes to icons and fonts. The design system includes a comprehensive style guide, component library, and design templates along with guidelines to ensure the design system was used consistently and effectively.

The platform can be adapted to suit any brand and can be deployed with unique features for specific events

Automated ticket fullfilment

Fulfilment is an internal word used by STH to define the information they need from each customer to be able to fulfil that booking. For example, to fulfil the booking of 3 people going to watch Formula 1 in Tokyo, various information from each participant is required before giving them access to the event by sending them their tickets.

Information such as dietary requirements, health or medical conditions, and T-shirt sizes for merch is needed for each individual traveller embarking on a trip. This used to be a manual laborious process that they wanted to automate through self-service and automated reminders.

Designing & building out this portal allowed for the reduction of the number of late or not completed fulfilment forms, thus increasing efficiency internally by automating the collection of fulfilment details.

Australian Open

STH is the global partner for Australian Open, we used the white-label design system to quickly design and develop a portal for the new AO Travel brand.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art system, we rapidly stood up an AO Travel custom-branded replica of the e-commerce platform, consistent from a UX & functional perspective with the core platform, reducing overheads and time to market.

STH Japan runs the AO Travel brand on a separate domain using the White Label Platform

The results

  1. Increased speed to market

    – With a solid and robust White Label Platform, STH has increased its speed to market from months to weeks when launching new events.
  2. Increased average revenue per customer

    — with the ability to add hotel upgrades, ticket upgrades and additional experiences during checkout, STH can easily upsell and allow their customers to create a tailormade, unforgettable sports event experience.
  3. Reduced maintenance cost

    — with one platform that shares the same resources and code base means the focus can be on adding new business value by improving the platform.
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