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Hi! We would love to have you over for a meeting and a Swedish fika to discuss your challenges and the future of your digital products. Give us a call today and we'll tee something up!

Osynlig Auckland

+64 27 362 53 38
Level 4/1 Kenwyn Street, Parnell
Auckland 1052,
New Zealand

Osynlig Stockholm

+46 820 51 11
Klevgränd 7
116 46 Stockholm

Osynlig Sundsvall

+46 60 52 52 20
Trädgårdsgatan 1
852 31 Sundsvall

Auckland, New Zealand

Fredrik Bergstrom


Pablo Dunovits

XD Director

Peter Hutchins

Technical Lead

Dwayne Pivac

Senior Full Stack Web Developer

Charlie Hlavac

Senior Digital Product Designer

Kip Hughes

Project Manager

(P.S — all NZ avatars were made with AI + a little bit of our own design magic! ✨)

Stockholm, Sweden

Porträttbild på Linus.
Poträttbild på Linda

Linda Maresch Bergström

COO & Client Manager

Ebba Burenius Brandt

Business Director
Porträttbild på Jonas

Jonas Englund

Design Manager
Porträttbild på Gabriel

Gabriel Jönsson

Product strategist
Porträttbild på Martin

Martin Lindström

Digital Strategist
Jacob Lindström

Jacob Lindström

UX Designer

Julia Tholden

UX Designer

Viktor Rizk

Frontend Developer

Björn Christensson

Frontend Developer

Philip Lilius

Strategic Product Manager

Sundsvall, Sweden

Porträttbild på Jonas

Jonas Persson

Frontend Developer
Porträttbild på Joakim

Joakim Norberg

Design Principal
Porträttbild på Sara.

Sara Johansson

UX Designer
Porträttbild på Sebastian

Sebastian Christiansson

Frontend Developer
Porträttbild på Ulf

Ulf Liljekvist

Frontend Developer
Porträttbild på Lise.

Lise Bugge

UX Designer
Porträttbild på Stefan

Stefan Edberg

Engineering Principal
Jesper Ekstrand

Jesper Ekstrand

Frontend Developer

Sophie Pettersson Dahl

UX Designer

Malin Edlund

Strategic Product Manager