We'll help to identify your best growth opportunities, and have them tested with real customers the same week.

Spending time and money on finding ideas that will be celebrated by your customers and set you apart from the competition is hard work and risky, typically it takes months of work.

Our design sprint is a one week process that will help you navigate these critical decisions by providing you with tangible insights and feedback from your customer, so you can invest in the best ideas.

What we can help your business with

  • Identify the right product to go to market with

    • When you want to kickstart a new venture and need to find the right product to go to market with.
  • Validate what ideas will improve product growth

    • When you are not sure what the next step should be for your product but you have lots of ideas.
  • Utilise emerging tech to disrupt your competition

    • When you want a continuous innovation partner for rapidly testing ideas and new features.
  • prototype-production Created with Sketch.

    Developing prototypes into the real thing

    • We have over 10 years of expertise in building a-class digital services in-house.

Osynlig led our first design sprint where we prototyped the XLabs program and adapted it directly via feedback from businesses.

With this prototype and the resulting feedback, we were able to understand how best to deliver our program. Osynlig’s design sprint expertise guided us seamlessly from concept to ideation and prototyping which informed the final XLabs program.

– Louise Nash, Founder Circularity / XLabs

It works for the most busy of schedules – we only need stakeholders in the room for the first 2 days

We know you have a busy schedule, we only need stakeholders in the room for the first 2 days of our design sprint. If possible, we’d love to have everyone join us for the last day of testing the idea with customers. We promise it’s well worth it.

Map challenge

Pick solution




Sprint Team
Day 1: Mapping the challenge

We'll start the week framing our challenge, mapping the customer journey, interviewing experts and deciding the focus for the sprint.

Day 2: Deciding on a solution

We together spend the day planning, storyboarding and preparing the strongest idea so it can be turned into a prototype.

Day 3: Creating Prototype and prepare for testing

The day is spent prototyping, at the end of the day we do a run-through together to make sure it works as intended.

Day 4: Test with real customers

The last day is all about validating our solution with real customers.

Extra prototyping day (optional)

Sometimes the idea needs extra time to connect real data to become even more realistic. That is why we offer an advanced prototyping sprint that includes one of our developers.


We had an amazing time during the sprint, we learned so much about our product, and we gained confidence in our solution by testing it with potential customers.

Jesper Johansson CEO of Showify

What you get to take home

An interactive prototype for sharing with stakeholders and investors.

A summary report with images of the Sprint week.

Test results with actionable insights.

Next steps and a plan on how to move forward.

What happens after the Sprint

  • Did we hit a home run?

    • Take the prototype to production – We'll create full build specification and quote the costs, free of charge. When you're ready we can build it, all in-house.
  • Are we almost there?

    • Run an Iteration Sprint – Focus on developing the prototype further, tackling the questions that were not sufficiently answered and build out key aspects that did not fit within the first sprint.
  • Did the idea not work out?

    • Scrap the idea and run a new Sprint – Take on the problem from a different angle by leveraging the learnings from the previous Sprint.

I would highly recommend Osynlig to others looking for Design Sprint expertise

Fredrik and the team at Osynlig have worked with Tech Futures Lab and our professional Master’s candidates since 2017. They bring expertise in the techniques of design sprints and work well with our experiential education approach. Our candidates are all working on different projects, which requires a very flexible approach to teaching and validating new concepts. I would highly recommend Osynlig to others looking to understand how to use these tools in practice.

– Sarah Hindle, General Manager Tech Futures Lab

Our Design Sprints

Facilitation only


Our certified Design Sprint Facilitator runs the sprint with your in-house team.

Suitable if you can dedicate your own UX Designer for a week to create the prototype.


  • Certified Facilitator for the week
  • Live observation tests with real customers
  • Design Sprint Report

Design sprint


We’ll facilitate the Design Sprint but also create a world-class prototype for you.

Suitable for businesses without in-house UX Designers available.


  • Certified Facilitator for the week
  • Live observation tests with real customers
  • Design Sprint Report
  • Osynlig UX/UI Designer included
  • World-class prototype included

Advanced prototyping sprint


We will facilitate, design and build a world-class prototype powered by your data.

Suitable for realistic testing where existing data is available for us to use via a REST API.


  • Certified Facilitator for the week
  • Live observation tests with real customers
  • Design Sprint Report
  • Osynlig UX/UI Designer
  • World-class prototype
  • Osynlig Technical Expert included
  • One additional day of prototyping included

Not sure where to start, or what's right for you? We'll help you find out.

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Why should you choose Osynlig?

Osynlig is an award-winning UX Design agency that has facilitated numerous Design Sprints in New Zealand within sectors such as insurance, education, transportation and the start-up scene to help validate business opportunities and find new value to existing digital products.

All our facilitators have completed the AJ&Smart certified Design Sprint Masters course and over the last two years, Fredrik, our UX Director has been lecturing the Design Sprints process for the Masters’ students at Tech Futures Lab in Auckland.