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Design that solves real & meaningful problems

Good design is like an invisible friend that helps your users get it right on the first try and makes them feel safe throughout the process. We design user experiences that solve meaningful problems and make everyday life easier for people.

UX design is a broad concept that includes strategy, research and design. It takes both user insights and an understanding of business and operational goals to create user experiences that deliver value.

Osynlig helps you create celebrated digital products by embedding globally recognised Product Design methodologies and skilled UX/UI squads within your team. This improves your speed to market, and product design quality as well as inserts sustainable design practice knowledge and skills within your team.

UX Sprints

The UX Sprint is a 10 Days (2 working weeks) repeatable sprint that continuously delivers development-ready user interface designs to the product development team.

It is designed to deliver the most prioritised user stories following a proprietary process to define, design, test, refine and hand over features in each cycle and works really well for clients with internal development teams that need continuous design delivery to feed their agile development sprints.

UX Sprints are bought separately at a fixed price per sprint and it is common to buy between 3-6 sprints depending on your product design needs.

Product Design Squads

Our Product Design Squad is a streamlined flexible design unit composed of the right resources for your needs with a minimum of two designers embedded as a squad within your product team.

The Squad is carefully matched to your specific needs and can include UX researchers, UX Designers and Product Designers and can scale up and change based on the product phases and requirements. Our Squad can be led by your in-house XD/CX or Product Manager or we can embed a Virtual Experience Design Lead to manage the product vision, squad, stakeholders and internal product design delivery.

The Product Design Squad is our most flexible option as it secures a long-term engagement of a minimum of 3 months where you have control of the workflow and priorities. The Squad have all the skills to run both our Design Sprints and UX Sprints as well as work within your existing design practice methodologies and can change with time as your product develops.

Design Sprints

The Design Sprint is a well-known 5-day framework for tackling big risks, and scary unknowns and validates new ideas before you commit time and resources to develop new products, integrate new features or create business ventures.

The Sprint uses design thinking, collaboration and real customer insights to take a problem all the way through to a lifelike product prototype to test with real customers in just one week. This suits innovation-driven businesses that continuously need to innovate, startups with a big idea or organisations stuck in silos with little creative collaboration to empower their business outcomes.

The Design Sprint is bought separately at a fixed price per sprint and once an idea is validated it slots really well into our UX design sprint for rapid delivery.

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Talk to Pablo Dunovits, XD Director

Vyer från Dogls app

Dogl helps students pass the university matriculation exam

Paper, pen and calculator? Well, now there is a more fun way to study math. Start-up Dogl launches an innovative new digital product that helps students pass the university math exam. Dogl turned to us at Osynlig when they needed to strengthen the team with design expertise.

Is your design YOU-centred, or USER-centred?

Design is meant to be about the customer; the consumer; the experiencer...yet all too often products and solutions are created from a viewpoint that is YOU-centred (your company, your way of seeing things, your ideas), rather than USER-centred.