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Research for actionable insights

User insights are key to the success of your digital product or service. We get to know your users in depth and find out what their needs and motivations are. We link insights about the users to operational goals so that we know that what we do also leads to business benefits.

User research is central both when we explore a problem area related to a new product idea and when we want to learn more about the users' attitudes towards an existing product in order to further develop and improve it. We often combine different methods to get the best possible insights.

““There is always uncertainty when it comes to making product decisions and continuous product improvement. We conduct user research because we want to reduce the risks around what we decide to build. Sacrificing discovery usually leads to a disconnect between user needs and the products that are built.””

Pablo Dunotivs
XD Director
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Data is just wind unless it directs your product design sails

Data is just wind unless it directs your product design sails No one dreams of being on a vessel lost at sea tossed around by the tide and at the mercy of the wind for direction. Yet all too often we hear about those either “drowning” in user data, or even worse, trying to direct their product design team without a working compass (no data or metrics at all!).

Bringing a circular design program to life

Circularity is a circular design and innovation partner, that focuses on working with businesses to solve the environmental challenges of 'business as usual'. By applying Circular methodologies on top of existing resources, products and processes they help shape a future that works with nature, instead of against it.