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We are an award winning Digital Design Osynlig

— a global experience design & innovation agency for future thinkers.

We partner with well-funded startups, and organisations to create new products and services your customers love. By doing this we help create a positive impact through work that considers the perspectives and lived experiences of the people it affects.

A global team — it's all about the people

Osynlig was founded in Sundsvall, Sweden in 2006. Today, we have over 20 employees with offices in Sundsvall, Stockholm and our NZ office in Parnell, Auckland. Our innovation consulting and design teams are highly experienced in
Customer Experience, UX Research & Design, Product Strategy & Business Development.

For us, it's not just about designing stylish solutions. We want to create products and services that solve real problems for people. Products that make life easier, free up time for other things and create a positive change in people's lives. Products and services that people love to use.

A safe environment is needed for ideas to grow into smart solutions. Therefore, we are a team that helps each other, backs up and lifts each other up. We make each other better and we have fun together.

Great design is experienced, not seen

We often get questions about our business name. It comes from our belief that the best interface is invisible. Good design is like an invisible companion that helps your users get it right on the first try and feel confident throughout the process. Our design team starts by identifying the actual problems and challenges. The next step will be to solve them as simply as possible, even when it comes to advanced things. In short: Good Design should be experienced, not seen.

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Osynlig New Zealand Limited
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Why not join us in changing the world for the better?

At Osynlig, we stand up for each other and overcome challenges to drive positive impacts for our clients and our people. We believe that everyone has a voice and value each person's opinion and work actively with our employee engagement to make work fun and to improve the team experience.

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